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Customer Service

Important Educational Points: We have some unique products that you might not find in any store inside of U.S.A and that is why most people like to buy from our store because we have more European options for our customers. 99.9% of our phones are Unlocked and they work with different providers and some of the features like internet browser, text messaging, or MMS messaging features must be manually activated by calling your provider and talk to tech support people.

We do import some models from Europe and sometimes we might be back order for some specific models which we will 100% inform customers as soon as we find out.

To AT&T customers: please make sure to contact your provider and ask for the correct frequency before you buy any Tri-Band phone. AT&T is still using 850 MHZ frequency signal in some of the states and areas and most of the Tri-Band phones don’t work correctly with 850 MHZ frequency and customers are experiencing drop calls, signal going on/off and battery issues (because the phone is constantly searching for signal) please, please call your provider and make sure about the signal length before you buy those phones.

All bidders will be automatically notified by eBay with payment instruction within 24 hours after auction ends. We reserve the right to cancel the transaction, if payment is not received within 7 business days. Have your entire questions answered before bidding. If you bid and win the item, you are bounded by eBay to purchase it.

Return Policy:  if you are experiencing technical problems with the unit, please make sure to email us at support@Edallion.com  and we will try to resolve the issue by communicating with you online. Usually based on experience, most of the problems are accessory issues or setting issues which we can simply resolve those, but if there are cases that the problem is from the product itself then we will ask you to please click on the RMA form and fill out the form and send the unit back for repair or replacement. Return shipping fee is on customers and when we ship the replacement back to you, we will pay for the shipping ourselves. And please try to check the unit carefully before you return the item because sometimes we get unnecessary returns from customers because of setting issues and we have no other choice but to ask customers to pay for return shipping fees also. So please make sure the item that you are sending back is really defective before you ask for RMA form.

we offer 2 weeks time to check the product to make sure it works fine before you return it to us, so please make sure DO NOT REMOVE plastic protections from the units during the first two weeks unless you are 100% sure that you will keep the unit because we have limited warranty on our products and our supplier requires us to return the units in the same condition that was received, so please make sure to communicate with us as soon as you get the item.  All customers are required to fill out the RMA form and send the item back with the form. If you have purchased a wrong unit for your area, or you don’t like the item for any other reason and you must return the item for a refund please DO NOT USE THE ITEM and send it back in the same condition with plastic protections on it and you will pay a 15% Restocking Fee and Shipping fee is NOT Refundable. For factory technical problems and replacements we DO NOT CHARGE customers unless there are unnecessary returns or item abused by customers. You have 14 days to return any item that has technical issues in order to be eligible for repair or replacement. WE DO NOT COVER PHYSICAL DAMAGES caused by customers or during shipments and if customer returns a damaged item we will charge reasonable fees for repair or replace the damaged part based on factory requirements.